Authentic Pasta with Butter Sauce (and a small kale salad!)

Hi everyone! It’s me, the Little Chef-man. Thanks again for all the great feedback on the posts. One thing people have been asking for is a more exotic meal, so today, we’re taking a trip to the Mediterranean for a little taste of Italy! We’re going to make a simple pasta dish that anyone can make if they have the right materials. Your guests will all be saying “Ho l’acquolina in bocca,” which means “my mouth is watering” in Italian.

You’ll need:

  • Pasta
  • Butter

First thing you’ll need to do is choose your pasta. I chose mostaccioli, which I learned in my research for this meal means “small mustache” in Italian (the little pastas kind of look like mustaches like this: ~ ). They’re apparently a kind of pene, a very popular pasta. You can use any shape you’d like though!

Measure out a good amount in your bowl.

TIP: One trick to keep in mind is that the pasta will expand when we cook it, so remember that the size of your serving will increase from what you see in your bowl.

Now boil some water in a pot. Make sure the pot has enough water to submerge all of your pasta, but not so much that the water might spill over the edge.

TIP: To make you water boil faster, turn on your stovetop flame to the highest setting. A lot of people leave their burner on a “medium” heat to avoid burning the outside of whatever they’re cooking, but water doesn’t burn! Turn it up as much as you’re comfortable with.

When the water is boiling, combine the pasta into the water. Be careful: the hot, boiling water that might splash on you as you pour in the pasta. Use caution.Wait about 10 minutes and stir occasionally. Keep your eye on the clock to keep track of how much time is going by. Some like their pasta al-dente, which means “to the tooth” and is a bit hard, but I like mine a little bit softer. About 10 minutes will get you where you need to be.As your pasta nears its desired amount of cooking,  you can try a pasta or two to see if you like how tender it tastes. When it’s done, drain your pasta to separate it from the water. You can use a strainer, but I like to use this tool that has a hole in it to scoop mine into my bowl (it reminds me of this Greek myth):Of course, you could be done at this point, but we at the Little Chef-man blog like to go the extra mile. We’re going to make a simple butter sauce to go on our pasta.

Use a fork to cut out about two cubic inches of butter and put it in a microwavable cup.  Microwave that for about 30 seconds to make your butter sauce.

Next, pour your butter sauce onto your pasta, making sure to spread it evenly.

Your authentic pasta with butter sauce is done! For a full dinner, I also made a small kale salad! Kale is a little bit like lettuce, but people insist that it is different. You’ll just need some kale in a bowl, like this: We’ve now  made a pretty, Italian meal! Serve with a few nuts and garnish with parsley. For a nice aesthetic effect, serve as  una cena a lume di candela, or a candle-lit dinner in English.

Bon appetit! Or as we say in Italy, buon appetito! Until next time.

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