Scrumptious Peanut Butter Sandwich

For my very first post, I thought I’d start with one of my signature lunch dishes: the peanut butter sandwich. This has been one of my favorite foods for a long time, and I’m so excited to share the recipe.

You’ll need:

  • Two slices of bread
  • Peanut butter

We’re going to start off with two slices of bread. Now you can use whatever kind of bread you like here, but if you’re me, you’re going to use a plain whole wheat. You can purchase it at most places where food is sold.

Next up, grab your jar of peanut butter. For best results, go with a smooth name-brand, like Skippy (fun fact: Skippy’s website is They sure lucked out!). I’ve tried using a natural, no-name peanut butter brand before, and the problem is your sandwich ends up too dry. Stick with a tried and true brand.

Now get as much as you can onto your knife and start spreading onto one of your slices. A lot of people  will  make the mistake of using only enough to cover the slice with a thin layer. Be generous! A nice thick sandwich is what we’re going for here.

TIP: You can take some aesthetic pleasure in looking at your spread. If you spread in a certain direction with most knives, you get these nice rows of little ridge-marks in your peanut butter.

Make sure you have a nice amount of peanut butter on your bread. You may have to go back into the jar a few times for more. It should look something like this when you have enough:

When we’re all set, put the other slice of bread on top. Now you can slice it in two if you wish (maybe in the triangle way pictured below). Serve with a few nuts and garnish with parsley. Enjoy!

TIPFor extra flair, try triple stacking your sandwich!

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