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Political content
Director, Producer, Editor, Creative Strategy


Julián Castro For President (Producer)

The team strategically ran this ad on Fox News, and it was featured in USA Today, NBC News, the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and more.)

"Getting to Know Matt Gaetz" (Concept, Executive Producer, Creative Direction)

Featured in The Forward

"Tradition" (Writer/Producer/Director)

Explainer reels/TikToks (writer, performer, editor)

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 5.23.03 PM.png (creative director, project manager, concept)

Ahead of the the real Republican National Convention, I helped Bend the Arc create a satirical website to highlight the egregious white nationalism at the heart of the Republican party's 2020 platform. Working with a web team, comedy writers, and political consultants, we built a darkly-humorous resource to learn about Republicans' racist and antisemitic history and take action for the coming election.

Featuerd in The AV Club.

"Trump & the GOP Are Carrying the Torch from Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville" explainer (Writer/Producer/Editor/VO)

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